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After years of living in a rural part of Texas and driving 4 hours to participate in parkour classes, I decided to create a solution so other kids wouldn't be hindered from learning parkour just because of their geographic location.

One of my favorite parts of parkour is the opportunity it gives us to develop strong character and be prepared to overcome the challenges we face in life!

Why Parkour?


Hannah Waddle began parkour in 2015. She immediately fell in love with the opportunity for creativity and overcoming challenges. She has spent numerous hours training locally, nationally, and internationally. She is one of the four females in the United States of America to pass the grueling assessments (physical, written, and coaching elements) and complete her ADAPT Level 2 parkour coaching certificate!

After teaching in the public school system for 6 years (reading, special education, and PE), she now runs Parkour East Texas which provides in-person classes at various parks around the East Texas area. She also runs the Online Parkour School to make parkour classes available to kids all over the world! Her desire is to develop and train young traceurs (people who do parkour) with a passion for movement and continue spreading the love of movement around as she helps children and teens develop character so they are ready for the challenges they will face in life!


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