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Online Parkour Level 1 (Individual Option)

Have you heard of Parkour, but aren't 100% sure what it's all about?

Or maybe you've seen videos and think it's too dangerous for your kiddos?

Or maybe your child is already learning parkour, but just from random YouTube videos here and there!

It's time for your child to take Online Parkour with Hannah!

Here is what to expect in the next 12 weeks:

  • Your child will develop self-assessing skills that will help them move in a safer manner.
  • Your child will develop more discipline and determination.
  • Your child's Parkour skills will progress.
  • Your child's creativity will expand so you can stop hearing, "I'm bored".
  • Your child will most likely sleep better on days he/she practices parkour for 30 or more minutes

Through our online coaching portal you will have access to private coaching feedback on videos of your child's movement.

Your child is going to be jumping around anyway, so might as well help him/her learn to do so in a safer manner and with a focus on character development!

What People Are Saying:

I’m looking forward to seeing how my son continues to expand his athleticism with this unique [discipline] and watching him develop under Hannah’s coaching!

Our 7 year-old has gotten stronger and more confident in a short time since starting Hannah's classes. He also has learned how to safely practice parkour.

I was thinking Parkour was just a fun thing to do and he had watched videos online with his older brothers so thought he should try it. Parkour is so much more than 'fun'. It teaches you real life skills like trying the hard things, critical thinking, overcoming obstacles, and working together and helping others.