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In an effort to provide a better experience for current students, registration for Online Level 1 is currently closed.

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Learn at your own pace.

Access the videos on your desktop or iPhone/iPad and work through the lessons and activities at your own pace.

Encouragement and Tips

Through our private portal submit videos and receive personalized encouragement and tips from one of highly trained coaches.

 Modify to fit any skill level

We teach the basic principles and give ideas for advanced and basic athletes. You also will have access to coaches for questions about modification options.

Character Development

This course focuses on the parkour mindset which includes discipline, determination and grit. We help your kids learn to overcome challenges in life.

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Children who struggle with ADHD

Parkour provides and outlet for children struggling with ADHD to get excess energy out. It also helps them learn to point their energy towards something productive - jumping/moving/swinging farther, higher, and smoother.

Shy Kids

Parkour provides a non-competitive activity that can be done by yourself or alongside friends. As shy kids practice alone or with friends, it helps them build confidence as they see their strength and skill grow. This confidence crosses into every day life and helps shy kids begin finding their voice.

Over Confident Kids

Parkour helps the over confident child learn to self-assess skill levels regularly. It teaches them to know their skill level and be pleased with it, but to always push themself to improve. Even the best of the best can ALWAYS be better. Parkour focuses on the spirit of humility which includes using your fitness to help others and not to be arrogant about.

Kids who struggle to control impulses and think before acting

Parkour offers immediate feedback when bad choices are made. For example, when a child is balancing and they stop focusing they will lose their balance and fall down. This immediate feedback helps a child learn the importance of controlling their mind and movement. After this concept is grasp, it is easier for a child to understand the need to think before they act in every day life.

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I'm Hannah Waddle

After years of living in a rural part of Texas and driving 4 hours to participate in parkour classes, I decided to create a solution so other kids wouldn't be hindered from learning parkour just because of their geographic location.

One of my favorite parts of parkour is the opportunity it gives us to develop strong character and be prepared to overcome the challenges we face in life!


"I was thinking Parkour was just a fun thing to do and he had watched videos online with his older brothers so thought he should try it. Parkour is so much more than “fun”. It teaches you real life skills like trying the hard things, critical thinking, overcoming obstacles, and working together and helping others."

- F. C.

" I so appreciate [the] safety and instilling safety mindsets into the kids. This is an amazingly fun, healthy, outdoor activity for any age and it gives kids something to focus on besides screens!"

- C. B.

"They have always climbed on things, but now they know a safer way to hop down and get from place to place."

- A. J.
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